KanoPool:  17.70PHs/22.39PHs
Shares:  21,530,586,783,384 (27.08%)
Invalids:  55.3k (0.11%) · 23.5G (0.11%)
Last Block
Pool:  5d 16h 1m (Solo 851081)
Network:  21m 56s (851908)
Users:  115
Workers:  280


Why mine at KanoPool?

KanoPool is the best pool for Bitcoin.
There are many reasons listed on this page, but for a miner, the reasons are obvious:
Our rewards from each block are high due to our low pool fees we've had for many years and the fact that we don't ignore transactions to generate empty blocks like all the large pools do.
We have a world wide distribution of mining nodes to ensure our blocks get out to all of the Bitcoin network as quickly as possible.
Our world wide nodes ensure there's a node with low latency close to most datacentres.
Our support channel provides the most reliable and knowledgeable help of any pool - without adjustment of the facts like most other pools do.

KanoPool Nodes

We have a world wide distribution of mining nodes to ensure our blocks get out to all of the Bitcoin network as quickly as possible.
In Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Germany, Netherlands and Japan as well as others that only do block distribution.
Our mining nodes send out blocks to the Bitcoin network as soon as any share that is a block, arrives at the node.
Our mining nodes are the point that decides on the validity of your work, so less expected stale work for your miners.
We run high performance, best connected nodes to ensure they do their work as fast as possible and distribute their work as quickly as possible.

Large Miners

Large miners can request to have their own, free, VIP private node in their region, and their own personal node of the web site.
To ensure your account security, you can give your tech team web page access to just your worker stats, using your API key,
and not have to give them login or change access to your private account details.

KanoPool Web Site

Our web server is a dedicated server in Silicon Valley.
Our web site contains the most detailed data about your mining and the pool.
No other pool provides more information about the pool and it's miners.
Our web site reports the most up-to-date data about your miners - their state right now when you view the data.
Our payment information provides data that can link directly to the blockchain to provide 100% proof of all payments.

KanoPool Performance and Reliabilty

We have added code optimisations to the Bitcoin we run that improve it's performance.
Our nodes distribute blocks around the world in the fastest way possible, only needing to send a tiny single packet share to maximise network transfer speed.
The master server that runs KanoPool behind the scenes, is not accessed by anything but the nodes and the web site.
All nodes/servers send alerts as soon any problems are detected with themselves or other nodes, so that they are dealt with as quickly as possible.
The pool wallet is not kept online anywhere, and has no network access itself, only via a chain of other Bitcoin servers.
The pool wallet is run in an encrypted VM run on a secure server that also has no direct network access and no one else has access to.

KanoPool is the best pool for Bitcoin.

KanoPool is designed to not cut corners and risk disruption to Bitcoin unlike most of the large pools do.
We always generate work that is fully verified in the Bitcoin blockchain and never skip verifying transactions like most of the large pools do.
We never ignore transactions for the sake of generating empty blocks.

What's behind KanoPool

I started KanoPool and have been running KanoPool since 2014.
I've been involved in the advancement of Bitcoin since 2011, and one of the main developers of the well known cgminer software that runs most of Bitcoin mining.
I'm the majority developer of all the pool software that runs KanoPool.
KanoPool is built on a full transactional database system ensuring consistency and reliability of your mining data.
It is built on KDB - a memory resident database system designed and written by me, that also uses PostgreSQL as a back end permanent data store.
I have a University degree in Computer Science and have been central in all necessary streams of work in the computer world - Development, R&D, Network and Server Management.
I have been critical in successful, major computer systems development and implementation for multiple large companies.

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